O, and one might want that in the group for which the pattern does not much also includes the indecisive ones like an unassigned symbol (variable name).These functions would take a strategic (normal) form game and yield an Association which held the equilbrium strategies (both pure and mixed) and the values to the players from playing that strategy.For example, if I want to line up frames in a grid, I need to make sure that all frames have the same ImagePadding.There are plenty of cool opportunities for using parametrized 3D color textures.It should be possible to set it up to always use a particular external R installation by default (currently this is rather difficult to achieve), external R should be officially supported on all three platforms and it should support the latest R version (R 3.0). Why Would a Mathematica User Care about R.

I know about PackedArrays but my idea is little bit different.The function Interpolation to have, next to InterpolationOrder, the option Extrapolation or ExtrapolationOrder.Edit: fastmail configuration added -- see beneath original post.That the many arguments syntax really works for Integrate was already stated in my request.If there is interest I will put more thought into exactly what would be excellent and write it up formally.All it lacks is the ability to make good presentation graphics.Essentially, at this point it seems like gnome-shell is fine for people who do their work in a specific application - like a browser, word processor etc.

Adding a MaxStepSize option to Plot, so that it would calculate the initial setting for PlotPoints automatically would be convenient.Nullam risus nunc, aliquam non facilisis sit amet, condimentum id felis.Also, graph visualization should not happen automatically for large graphs (and potentially lock up Mathematica).

A upgrade LaplaceTransform function and InverseLaplaceTransform as the following below: and much more.I automate a lot of reports today using Mathematica, but they are very ugly, due to the lack of format capabilities.For about a year I persisted in doing most of my personal work in linux, and using virtualbox to run origin, use word to write articles etc.The function from the Computational Geometry package is implemented in Mathematica and is much too slow for many real-world applications.Like for google apps this means you must include the domain name in the username.I do appreciate that emacs can be considered as an OS almost in itself, but since I believe in the idea of one program - one task, and find vim more user-friendly (not meaning learner-friendly, although it is too) I felt more motivated to get serious with vim.Wolfram Data Framework Semantic framework for real-world data.

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It would be pretty cool if TableForm would, um, put Dataset s in TableForm.

I realize that this can often be done either by accessing the underlying data and constructing tubes manually, or by replacing all cases of Line in the output.I have to learn this: whenever a Mathematica function does not work as expected, look for the available options.Linphone with iinet iitalk voip service on Debian Testing 64 (Wheezy).NOTE: another issue debian users should be aware of is the failure to reboot on sudo shutdown -r now.But coming down to earth, I can think of many other cases where this might come in handy.Adding arithmetic for ByteArrays is of course something different and unrelated.The system should have all the needed information already evaluated to be able to do a quick scan for both of these just before it wades off into trying to find the real solution.For Part it seems to be more difficult to implement UpTo though.

For example I have a graph with all my flights: Now it would be great if I could move CDG between TLS and ZAG.You may have had problems playing flash videos recently and have been presented with a message saying that your player is out of date, and that you can either play (just this time) or upgrade.

The built-in debugger has a very bad reputation, but in my experience it is quite usable except for one key area: breakpoints.This is not a suggestion for a new function, but for some new functionality.The Pen Test Partners Security Blog brings you the latest news and trends. Stealing container ship cargo through LOC. CorrectHorseBatteryStaple isn’t a.In summary, this seems to be the way to build nwchem on wheezy -- by downgrading the mpich2 and mpich2-dev packages.

In the very least, when bin sizes are uniform and explicitly given, Histogram should be much faster, both in 1D and multiple dimensions.Overhead is different but the size of one data object is 1 byte.A nice addition in various plot functions would be the addition of DataRange to accept also nonlinear a variety of digital formats, including PDF, Building and designing custom content types is.epub,.mobi and an on-line digital edition, as well as apps for iOS.Recently lots of fairly basic functions have been added, that seems to serve only as shorthands as they can easily be implemented using already existing functionality.

MinMax to work on Interval objects like Min and Max does. (Implemented in V10.3).So, one should have an easy way to define functions for the treatment of lists (systems) of particles.However, sometimes the heuristics used for automatic method selection will intevitably fail, and it will be necessary to better understand the available methods and fine tune them.Now, obviously one can code this oneself either through wrapping the Sort in Reverse or by using a different second argument to Sort, but I think the ability to do this directly would be a useful simplification and be more expressive.

One might call the function Separate (which is not used yet, and sounds like what it does).This is much faster than Select but also much less readable and much more complicated to write.SemanticImport fails in multiple ways, including failing to read reals when it automatically guesses that something should be integer.I think negative values for the unwanted releases is a good place to start, or you may start automatically pulling over packages that depend on the one package which you want.

Currently I have something built on Prime and PrimePi, which works, I guess.For example, if a column in the journal is 10 cm wide, I want to prepare the figures precisely to 10 cm, while keeping the font sizes consistent (e.g. 10 pt precisely).I know that ImageIdentify is based on CNN, but I would like to train CNN on my own images.

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