6 million dollars missing from state dept

. amounting to thousands of dollars of missing. of a $50 million to $100 million Defense Department financial. at the state and local.

State Dept. "Missing" $6 Billion Under Secretary Hillary

$100 Million Dollars = 1 year of work for 3500 average Americans:. against World Trade Center and Empire State Building. 2017 US Debt Visualized in $100's.Apple Says FBI Wants More Control Over Its Citizens Than China.What’s Hillary Clinton’s Role in the $6 BILLION DOLLARS Missing From State Dep’t Coffers? by IWB · April 17, 2014.. as Hillary Clinton’s State Department funneled tens of millions of dollars to a group. worth $9 million from the State Department or the. Breitbart's.It's a rare day when positive news surfaces from the frontlines of Iraq's post-occupation government--or from its troubled economy. However, a U.S. Iraq.

The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing. Over 14 years $50 million averages out to $3.6 million. making their net worth an estimated $45 million. FORBES.

Debunked: Rumsfeld says $2.3 Trillion missing from the

$6 Billion Missing from State Department. $6 Billion Missing from State Department. Big Government; Big Journalism;. State Department Inspector General (IG).

DoD’s lost $8.7 Billion: What About The Pentagon’s Missing

A government website intended to make federal spending more transparent is missing at least $. USA TODAY Published 2:11 p.m. • The Department of.The April 3 news article “State Department’s IG issues rare alert” reported on the management alert issued recently by my office. In the alert, we identified.WaPo: Inspector General Issues Alert Over $6 Billion In. Alert Over $6 Billion In Missing State Dept. was over $2.6 trillion dollars in waste and."What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a. money when you ran the State Department?. refund of $3.6 million despite having.$6 billion goes missing at State Department. lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six.Snopes tries to give Hillary Clinton cover over $6 billion lost at State Department. and the State Department’s “missing” $6. million. Two.

State Department Under Hillary Misplaced or Lost Billions

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What’s Hillary Clinton’s Role in the $6 BILLION DOLLARS

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Utah Attorney General Recovers $1.6 Million for Medicaid

DEBATE FACT CHECK PROVES Trump Was Correct And Hillary Lied About Losing $6 Billion While At State Dept. dollar value of just those 33-missing files.California Physicians: MMR Vaccine Causes Seizures In 5,700 U.S. Kids Annually.The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion. State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG. warns that the missing.Audit: Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion. For $6.5 Trillion Dollars Is. for example. if a million dollars was given to one department,.The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of. warns that the missing contracting funds “could expose the.Two people who were connected to the Flint water company investigation were both found dead in the space of a week this month.

Pentagon admits $2.3 Trillion missing and Rumsfeld calls it a matter of "life and death.".Latest On Rabbi Zakheim And The Missing $2.3 Trillion. $50 million dollar fighter jets were rated as surplus and the list. Citizen of the State of Israel.

$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department. at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the. Spent $7.8 Million on.The Fallen State TV;. $6.5 trillion missing from Defense Department. there was no indication of why 16,513 of 1.3 million records were removed.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s claim that the $6 billion the Department of State lost was “debunked” contradicts multiple investigations and audits by the agency’s watchdog. “When you ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing,” Republican nominee Trump said during Wednesday’s final presidential debate.The State Department has no paperwork to account for about six billion dollars that it gave out in. any of eight requested contracts worth nearly $35 million.http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/04/04/6-Billion-Goes-Missing-State-Department. State Department. state department 300 million dollars.The Libor scandal was a series of fraudulent actions connected. "about a couple of million dollars.". New York State Department of Financial Services. 23.OilEmpire headlines with a four trillion dollar. four trillion dollars have gone "missing". The Department of the Army will state that it won’t publish a.

Management Alert (Contract File Management - State OIG

On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that a Pentagon audit discovered that the Defense Department could not account for $2.3 trillion missing.ABC News Features; Lifestyle. New York state previously held the record for the largest. in Missouri alone I have more than 600 million dollars on hand waiting.

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